To tweet or to log off?

To tweet or to log off?

This is a question I’ve asked myself many times on whether or not I should keep social media or completely sign off from online accounts and live in the moment.  To some people this might be a question of life or death but it should be a question that should be considered by everyone.

Growing up I remember endless days outside dreading the sound of my mom calling for my brother and I to come home to dinner only to eat as fast as possible to rejoin the game. I had no cell phone, no computer, no Facebook, just genuine friendships with all my neighbors.  I remember being filled with fear having to dial my friend’s house phone or knocking on a neighbor’s door and being in awkward conversations with friends parents just to ask if Johnny from down the street wanted to play football in my backyard.  As I got older technology began to develop and soon everyone had a Playstation or game cube and time outside was shortened so we could go play NHL Hitz for a little before returning to our knockout game.  By the time I was finishing middle school, everyone had cell phones and my friends became locked in on who was texting them or who added them as friends on Facebook and the problem was only beginning.  Why am I telling you this? I feel like I am in the one of the best generations because we are the last to remember what it was like before society relied on social media in order to feel wanted.

A few weeks ago my dad and I went out to dinner and two families walked in with about 8 kids.  We looked at each other thinking “great this is going to get noisy quickly” until we look over and see every single kid with an iPad playing different games and talking to different people not interacting with the person in front of them for a second.  I was taken away by their lack of ability to take in the moment and appreciate the people around them.  This is just one situation which demonstrates technology’s influence on relationships and society as a whole.  Younger generations today are struggling to be able to communicate with others and build true relationships. People are so caught up in how many likes they can get or views on a tweet or who they are seen with they miss the true meaning behind human relationships.  Why is this important to you? Social media and lack of human interaction is tearing apart this country.  People are so caught up in their “social image” they forget what’s truly important to them.  Time and time again I see people fighting and creating controversy on social media with complete strangers saying things protected by a computer screen.  Before you know it the negativity seen online is “trending” and more and more people see this as normal growing the problem exponentially. 

The sooner people log off and stop relying on social media the sooner real relationships begin forming restoring one’s ability to care for and respect each other as a fellow human being just trying to excel in this game of life.  Turn off the cell phone, build relationships with those around you, and start seeing the good in this world one human being to another.

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One thought on “To tweet or to log off?

  1. It’s an interesting challenge we have everyday.. keeping connected when people live far away from one another. Perhaps it’s also about only posting things on social media that are thoughtful and mean something to you. Difficult balance. Thanks for the great post Thomas.


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