The City Loves you!

Thank you so much for stopping by this little page that we know around here as ‘The City Blerb’. Yes, we know, ‘blurb’ is the correct spelling but we like going against the grain! And on top of that, a lot of the great companies of yesteryear and today use incorrect spelling for branding purposes. We’re just learning from the best guys. Created by Luke Cureton, this site was envisioned as a place people could find quick opinions, rants, passions, thoughts, or discussions about topics from all over the conversational spectrum. Here at the Blerb we specialize in short-medium length articles that we have somethin’ we are itchin’ to talk about. We got bones to pick with these topics and we’re going all out with word warfare. With life moving at light-speed and the speed of sound at the same time who knows when we will ever get a breather! Or how long that breather will be!

Well, us at the City Blerb here, we can’t really explain why, how, or when you will get a breather; we can only tell you what you can DO once you get it……and that is to Blerb out! We are trying to keep with your very busy schedule and provide quick blerbs about this or that- or even this AND that!

That’s right! Catch up with all our latest thoughts, concerns, and topics. Pick any topic we have and entrance yourself into a world of wordsmiths transferring your very life’s essence into a psychological and mind jogging slip ‘n slide!……Well that might not actually be true to form but we can guarantee you that what we post are just good, solid reads. Reads designed to provoke thought, action, and self assessment. There is soul put into these blerbs and I know you, the reader will feel it. So if you don’t mind–sit back, relax, and mosey on over to our blerbs tab to see if any topic tickles your fancy yea?

And again, thank you for your time. WE APPRECIATE YOU! 😀